Walking and running at Lake Trasimeno

The hiking trails begin directly behind the villa, winding like game trails through airy oak forests and ancient olive groves. In the quiet woods above the villa, there is the scent of wild aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme and mint. Protected, deer, badgers, porcupines and other forest animals live here.   The feeling of deceleration quickly sets in. GPS-guided or guided walks of 3 - 15 kilometres directly from the hotel are available at an additional cost of 10 - 40 €.

Lake Trasimeno, with its forest and olive grove covered hills is one of Umbria`s most iconic environments. The entire area is crisscrossed with innumerable trails. From ancient roads lined with an abundance of wild blackberry bushes that connect area farms to narrow gravel roads which shoot off to dozens of country churches. Lose yourself an intimate, solitary places full of history and tradition.

Walking around the lake and on the summits of the hills, through ancient woods, in and about villages and hamlets, all offering stunning views of the blue lake and its three islands (Maggiore, Minore, Polvese). Experience the landscape where man has lived in harmony with nature for centuries and fall in love with its friendly and welcoming people.

30 sign-posted walks: the guidebook «In cammino tra Tevere e Trasimeno» can be purchased at Villa Rey .