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SIZE     0,75 l


SETTE 2019- Limited Edition Hans Rey .


Sangiovese, Ciegiolo, Colorino,Montepulciano - 2019 – Riserva -numbered bottle


18,50 €


SETTE 2018


Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc - 2018  -numbered bottle

14,00 €


SETTE 2014


Sangiovese  -numbered bottle

14,00 €




Sangiovese, Ciegiolo, Colorino

14,00 €


Minimum order  6 bottles 



Each dinner with us becomes a rich tasting!

The sommeliers of Villa Rey will serve the perfect wine for each course carefully selected from the best of central Italy. And the cheese and dessert courses can be accompanied with the finest sweet wines. You can taste wines from highly qualified wineries that will offer also organic products. Join us for a trip to the wineries in the region. 

Take part in a wine tasting event held at Villa Rey. The owner Silvia Rey will take you through the vineyards of Villa Rey and explain the principles of organic farming and tending a producing vineyard. In the wine tasting that follows (3 glasses), learn all about the wines produced organically through the detailed descriptions of our winemaker.

Price tasting wines from 15€ per person

Viticulture in Umbria

The wine-growing region in the heart of Umbria is a region of Italy with a cultivated area of 16,500 hectares. Due to its hilly mountain landscape, this region is characterized by different soils, which have a large number of different grape varieties. The cooler areas of Umbria produce white wines, which represents about 90% of the production volume. The volcanic soil in the warmer layers is excellent for full-bodied red wines. The climatic conditions of the region of Umbria wine are comparable with those of neighboring Tuscany: the winter months are usually rainy, summer ones are very sunny and hot. Many vineyards have a dry clay and sandy soil and must be irrigated, though often by one of our numerous rivers. In Umbria dominate in particular

White wines dominate the Umbrian wine making scene in particular grechetto white varieties, trebbiano and Verdello. Among the red varieties the most popular are SagrantinoSangioveseCiliegiolo NeroNero Cannaiolo, and Montepulciano. The white wines of the region are internationally recognized for their fruity and fresh taste and the red wines are considered to be harmonious and full-bodied.

Wine has been grown in Umbria since the time of the ancient Etruscans. However, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the production of wine suffered a setback and didn't beding it's recovery until after the Second World War. Today, the most famous wine producers of Umbria have become big companies that are able to offer wines of high quality and wide distribution.